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  • LIGHT 06 represents the beginning of a new generation of closed fireplaces that concentrate technical, aesthetic and dimensional features in one single appliance. The challenge for the Research & Development Centre was indeed that of designing and producing a closed fireplace large enough to be able to combine performance and technical efficiency with just as obvious aesthetic features; in other words aiming at guaranteeing the technological and design harmony offered in all the appliances made by Caminetti Montegrappa. The result is “Light 06”, the new large closed wood-burning fireplace, with visible firebox, measuring an impressive 120 centimetres in width and 48 centimetres in height, designed to obtain a high thermal efficiency, thanks to the built-in heat recovery system that reduces pollutant emissions and consumptions.  The characteristic feature is the door; the visible surface is made entirely of ceramic glass, which is resistant to thermal shocks up to 750° C. The door avails of a spring-lock closing system and is raised and lowered to open and close it using a cold handle. It can also be supplied with motorized opening system and remote control.  The vertical slide opening mechanism is the consolidated and reliable column system, fitted on the whole production range of closed fireplaces of Caminetti Montegrappa.  Finally, the door also tips open to be able to clean the glass.  The impressive technical novelty is the combustion chamber lined entirely in CMtech™, the new very thick refractory material created to guarantee optimum combustion and notable sturdiness, which is recognisable by the attractive creamy white colour.  There is a tested technical application at the top part of the combustion chamber: the flame distributor-catalyzer in Keramfire, which further guarantees clean and optimum combustion and excellent performance in terms of performance and reduction in emissions. The natural convection version can be installed with a hearth at least 25 cm off the ground, whereas the fan-assisted version, available in kits, starts from a hearth at least 35 cm off the ground, as in the closed fireplaces of the CMP series and is adjustable via remote control.
    Style: the innovative closed fireplace LIGHT 06 is also unique from an aesthetic point of view, with its full glass door, therefore “full screen”, with screen printed edging on three sides, but not the bottom, to offer a free view of the flame. The new impressive proportions of this distinguished closed fireplace make the fire even more fascinating and theatrical.

    With motorised sliding door The LIGHT series is being presented in a version with motorised vertically operating sliding door. It is available in kit form as an accessory and can be activated using a remote control thus combining technology and comfort. The kit is to be installed during the monobloc installation and is not supplied already assembled with the unit, in fact, it is structured so as to allow positioning to the left or the right hand side of the monobloc. You can even decide whether to mount it above or below. The door retains the front drop for window cleaning. We also need to allow the possibility for the inspection of the motor area, which is accessible either to the front or the side, using inspection doors which are easily sourced in the market and should be positioned in relation to the eventual location of the motor.



  • VCN
    V = prisilna konvekcija, CN = prirodna konvekcija
    Max. snaga / Min. snaga19,5 / 9,719,5 / 9,7 kW
    Nominalna termička snaga1515kW
    Emisija CO (izmjerena uz 13% kisika)0,100,10%
    Nominalna snaga strujeW
    Napon struje230230V
    Frekvencija struje5050Hz
    Gorivodrvena cjepanicadrvena cjepanica
    Potrošnja goriva na sat3,83,8kg/h
    Maseni ispuh dima12,912,9g/s
    Temperatura dima254254°C
    Usis (depresija ložišta)1212Pa
    Promjer dimnjaka⌀250⌀250mm
    Unutarnji promjer dimnjaka⌀25 - □25X25⌀25 - □25X25cm
    Minimalna visina dimnjaka55m
    Promjer usisa zraka za zagrijavanje
    2x ⌀122x ⌀15cm
    Visina ognjištacm
    Težina tijela peći310310kg
    Težina s pakiranjem335335kg
    Grijana površina kod nominalne snage170170 m2
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