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  • The monoblocs in the LIGHT Series concentrate important technical and aesthetic characteristics. The challenge for the R&D department has been to design and produce monoblocs capable of bringing performance and technical functionality together with an equal emphasis on those essential aesthetic characteristics. To guarantee that equilibrium between technology and design that is a hallmark of appliances produced by Caminetti Montegrappa. The result is the new series of wood-burning monoblocs, appliances that have been specifically studied to attain the highest thermal yield thanks to a system of heat recovery that allows us to drastically reduce emissions and reduce cut fuel consumption. The monobloc LIGHT units are characterized by the ceramic glass door which allows a complete visual of the combustion chamber and resists temperatures of up to 750° C. The door has a click release and is raised or lowered with a heat resistant handle is also available with a motorized open/close mechanism operated by remote control. The open/close mechanism utilizes the consolidated and reliable column system already currently mounted on Caminetti Montegrappa monoblocs. The door also opens on a tilt mechanism to allow for the cleaning of the glass. The greatest technical advance lies in the combustion chamber which is lined entirely with CMtech, a new patented refractory material, recognisable by its cream white colouring and of substantial thickness so as to guarantee optimal combustion and notable sturdiness. In the upper part of the combustion chamber you will find the fully tested technical appliance in the Catalyzing Flame-breaker in Keramfire®,  a copyright protected system which further guarantees a clean and optimal combustion as well as excellent performance in terms of yield and reduction of emissions.
    Style: The style of the new Monobloc LIGHT series take their inspiration from the Light 06, with the door made entirely in ceramic glass and screen printed around three sides while completely transparent along the bottom so as to maximise the view of the flames. Each model, with its well defined proportions, LIGHT 01 square, LIGHT 02 rectangular and developed horizontally, LIGHT 03 rectangular and developed vertically, facilitates installation in any position and lends both a distinctive style and obvious value to a home. We would advise, from an aesthetic point of view, the use of the new opening which can be purchased separately together with other optional accessories, for example the “hearth-saver plate” in painted steel for installation without a fireplace surround.

    With motorised sliding door The LIGHT series is being presented in a version with motorised vertically operating sliding door. It is available in kit form as an accessory and can be activated using a remote control thus combining technology and comfort. The kit is to be installed during the monobloc installation and is not supplied already assembled with the unit, in fact, it is structured so as to allow positioning to the left or the right hand side of the monobloc. You can even decide whether to mount it above or below. The door retains the front drop for window cleaning. We also need to allow the possibility for the inspection of the motor area, which is accessible either to the front or the side, using inspection doors which are easily sourced in the market and should be positioned in relation to the eventual location of the motor.
  • VCN
    V = prisilna konvekcija, CN = prirodna konvekcija
    Max. snaga / Min. snaga16,9-8,416,9-8,4kW
    Nominalna termička snaga1313kW
    Emisija CO (izmjerena uz 13% kisika)0,090,09%
    Nominalna snaga strujeW
    Napon struje230230V
    Frekvencija struje5050Hz
    Gorivodrvena cjepanicadrvena cjepanica
    Potrošnja goriva na sat3,53,5kg/h
    Maseni ispuh dima11,511,5g/s
    Temperatura dima239239°C
    Usis (depresija ložišta)1212Pa
    Promjer dimnjaka⌀200⌀200mm
    Unutarnji promjer dimnjaka⌀20 - □20x20⌀20 - □20x20cm
    Minimalna visina dimnjaka44m
    Promjer usisa zraka za zagrijavanje
    2x ⌀122x ⌀12cm
    Visina ognjištacm
    Težina tijela peći245245kg
    Težina s pakiranjem267267kg
    Grijana površina kod nominalne snage148148m2
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  • LIGHT02-dim.normal

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