Kamini i peći


  • Thanks to the new airtight pellet-burning stoves LXE, available in three versions, that is 6, 9 and 12 kW, Caminetti Montegrappa enlarges its wide range of appliances. The airtight stoves are most suitable for the passive houses because they allow the use of the stove without consuming the air present inside the house. The air needed for the combustion and the door glass cleaning, comes indeed directly from outside through a dedicated intake system. This calibrated air flow guarantees a top quality combustion and therefore a better comfort.


    This appliance is equipped with the AUTOMATIC POWER SYSTEM, which automatically modul ates the thermal output according to the real heat demand of the installation room, so as to reach and keep the desired well-being as long as possible and in any conditions, and thus avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavourable temperature increases. The system considers the beginning temperature, the desired temperature and the time needed to reach it, adjusting itself accordingly and optimizing the fuel consumption, thanks to the combustion control kit ( KCC ). This device adapts itself to the different pellet types, to the different installation solutions, to the sea-level, to the burner and heat exchanger cleanliness, thus ensuring a more efficient and performing combustion, which optimizes consumption and reduces maintenance operations.

  • Kamin s otvorenim ispuhom zraka (LX)

    N-nominalna R-reduciranaNRNR
    Termička snaga9,02,712,02,7kW
    Emisija CO(izmjerena uz 13% kisika)0,0170,0490,0150,049%
    Nominalna snaga struje330330W
    Napon struje230230V
    Frekvencija struje5050Hz
    Gorivodrveni peletdrveni pelet
    Potrošnja goriva na sat2,080,632,850,63kg/h
    Maseni ispuh dima6,814,328,494,32g/s
    Temperatura dima189,0124,0230,0124,0°C
    Usis (depresija ložišta)11,011,011,011,0Pa
    Kapacitet spremnika goriva2222kg
    Potrošnja el.energije u radu110110W
    Promjer dimnjaka⌀ 80⌀ 80mm
    Promjer usisa zraka za sagorijevanje40x4040x40mm
    Težina tijela peći9999kg
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    Kamin sa  zatvorenim ispuhom zraka (LXE)

    N-nominalna R-reduciranaNRNRNR
    Termička snaga6,02,69,22,612,42,6kW
    Emisija CO(izmjerena uz 13% kisika)0,020,050,010,050,020,05%
    Nominalna snaga struje460W
    Napon struje230V
    Frekvencija struje50Hz
    Gorivodrveni peletdrveni peletdrveni pelet
    Potrošnja goriva na sat1,400,502,100,503,010,50kg/h
    Maseni ispuh dima6,603,908,03,909,803,90g/s
    Temperatura dima138,791,9180,291,9227,391,9°C
    Usis (depresija ložišta)12,010,012,010,012,010,0Pa
    Kapacitet spremnika goriva222222kg
    Potrošnja el.energije u radu110W
    Promjer dimnjaka⌀ 80⌀ 80⌀ 80mm
    Promjer usisa zraka za sagorijevanje⌀ 80⌀ 80⌀ 80mm
    Težina tijela peći99kg
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